GSoC 2019: New Learnings

1. Virtual methods can be overridden in derived classes, while abstract methods must be overridden.  

2. A class that has atleast one abstract method must be an abstract class.  

3. We can't create instances of abstract classes.

4. GObject subclasses are any classes derived directly or indirectly from GLib.Object. They support a lot of features like signals, managed properties, interfaces and complex construction methods.(reference).

About git
  • Soft reset: this feature allows to remove the commits but keeps the changes made in files saved whereas hard reset removes the saved changes from file also.
  • When we create a merge request by comparing two branches, the commits included in the MR get updated every time we update either of the branch, if we update the branch that we used to compare our new branch, the new commits included in that branch will not be included in the MR.


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